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About Blue Nile Enterprises

Blue Nile Enterprises is a licensed trading company located in Oakland, California. We specifically deal with importing and introducing Ethiopian products in the USA market. We introduced our first product, Ambo Mineral Water, in 2002. Since then we have been able to import selected alcoholic beverages and we are in negotiation to bring you more products in the near future.

In a relatively short time we have grown out of our initial storage space and have moved to a new location near main shipping hub in Oakland. We now have the capability to distribute our growing line of products efficiently through our distribution channels to supply our customers in most major cities in continental United State.

We hope you find adequate information regarding our products but if you have more question please do not hesitate to contact us. We at Blue Nile Enterprises pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction and recognize the need for further growth so please let us hear from you.

Blue Nile Enterprises