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Ambo Mineral Water


Since time immemorial the water tower of Africa has been feeding its life giving minerals to all creatures of the mysterious zone of Africa. Ethiopia, the cradle of mankind, is known as the source of life and water in the ancient records and the very present day of archeological findings.

The Ambo Mineral Water geological formation, good mix of mineral content and pure natural test makes it to excel from the best of bests. On the cross road of the ancient world major trade rout, this spring has been sustaining travelers, traders, nomads, soldiers and settlers from the very beginning of human kind to the present modern world.

The source of Ambo Mineral Water is found in the rocky hills, deep ravines, craggy terrain and beautiful green landscape of Ambo at 130km away from the capital city of Ethiopia. The foundation of the modern time Ambo Mineral Water was conceptualized in 1915 E.C. by the Imperial Government of Ethiopia. The main reason behind the selection of the place was not only because of its beautiful climate and suitable soil for agriculture, but also due to the presence of the widely reputed thermo-mineral springs which were used together with their saline soils for live- stock watering and feed mix long before their therapeutic characteristic was publicized in the 1860's E.C.

As it had always been the custom Ambo therapeutic spring was bottled and secretly sent to the palace. The secret was however, revealed when the water was publicly tabled to ambassadors and dignitaries who came to celebrate the coronation day of Emperor Haile Sellasie I in 1923 E.C.

After 80 years of intensive experience in the management and development of distributing the pristine and pure mineral Water of Ambo, we are proud to share it with friends all over the world.

Experts of national and international organizations were consulted, the former Pasteur institutes, and the central laboratory of Ethiopian government, the hydrological and geological institute of Ethiopia accompanied every stage of Ambo activities. The source area is not either intensively cultivated, or industrially active and not populated. The springs are fully protected and sealed from any potential source of contamination. Te water flows from the source to the plant with the help of water pump. The water is fed to the plant and bottled in its natural condition with out adding any chemical substance or ingredients to maintain its high standard of natural quality.

The area is also very well known for its natural resources and recreational facilities. In 1923 E.C. a grand hotel was built with a spa at the site of the spring in Ambo. The management was designated to a certain French woman. The hotel was soon destroyed by the Italian occupation force that literally used the hotel structures as fortress against an attack by the resistance army of Lidge Kifle Nesibue. The beautiful mountain chains in the vicinity extended to the historic crater lake of Wonchi, which is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions. The present day hot springs at Ambo town, which is 7km away from the source area, is the first choice in the country for swimming and hot bath entertainment in Ethiopia.

Ambo Mineral Water Factory has captured this gift of nature, distributing its refreshing benefits through out the country and beyond.


Ambo's dedication to reliable quality guarantees only nature at its very purest goes into every Ambo sparkling mineral water bottle. Ambo quality states from the carefully sealed and protected source. Approved by the ministry of health, the mineral water flow directly from the source to the plant, automatically filling sterile glass bottles of 330ml and 750ml.

The factory production is fully automated and uses one of the most advanced bottling technologies. All process of the plant complies with international and national quality control standards, such as Codex Alimentations FAO/WHO Food Standards and the national mineral water quality standard. The plant has two similar lines which were built in 1991 and 1992 by RIVI engineering of Italy. During the production process, quality control testing of the water is carried out every hour to ensure the purest cleanest water and finest taste.

Ambo Mineral Water Plant is owned by government since 1963. It is the biggest mineral water bottling and distributing company in the country.


As a leading mineral water in Eastern Africa, Ambo is proud to have been chosen for a number of honored roles. Ambo is the official exclusive supplier of the palace and almost every international and national organization in the country.

At the signing of treaties and important meeting and occasions in Ethiopia Ambo has been served to quench the thirst of the participants and the spectators alike and as a gesture of peace, love and life.

Consistency and quality is a formula that makes Ambo a natural winner!