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Bedele Brewery is located in Bedele town 500 kilometers west of Addis Ababa. The brewery was constructed with the assistance of Czechoslovakia and inaugurated in October 1993. Bedele production manager Sirata Guluma said many beer ingredients are found locally. Barley is grown outside of Addis Ababa. Malt is processed in Asela, though some malt is imported from Germany during local shortfalls. Hops, both liquid and pellet, comes entirely from Germany. Yeast, added to the beer with air to induce fermentation, is imported from Europe but can be reused 3-4 times, according to Sirata. Sugar, an occasional additive, is produced locally.

The brewing process, including the mixing, sieving, and crushing of ingredients, the boiling, and the extraction of bitter residues takes 9-10 hours. The plant consistently turns out 75 million bottles annually. Modern features of the brewery are the 32 inverted conical fermentation vats (23 of which hold 1000 hectoliters; 9 hold 500 hectoliters).

These modern vats perform the two-step process of beer fermentation in one stage. Other breweries let the fresh batch ferment 5-7 days before moving it into another tank to separate the yeast. At Bedele, the yeast is discharged directly from the fermentation vats. This prevents any contamination or unwanted oxygenation, saves manpower, time and money, and improves the taste and hygienic quality of the beer.

The beer matures after 30 days, is filtered, and bottled on the compound before shipment to all regions of Ethiopia. Although a local water source may account for placement of the brewery in Bedele, the plant is far from the primary beer consumption areas around the capital.

Bedele exports its beer to United States through its exclusive agent Blue Nile Enterprises. The company introduced its 12oz bottle beers in special and premiere brand labels. The beer will have 4.2% alcohol just like the regular size bottle.